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Thermal imaging and remote temperature sensing

Locate hot or cold areas of an assembly, product or building

Thermal imaging camera hire can be used effectively to find both hot areas and cold areas in many applications. The temperature range of each colour portrayed can be set to as close as 2°C giving a very accurate temperature picture of the device, facility or building under scrutiny. Infrared thermal imaging is easy and accurate.

Our Land Cyclops thermal imaging camera, using the latest infra-red image processing, is also incredibly portable and can be used both in indoor and outdoor locations.


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Typical applications

Infrared thermal imaging camera rental can be used for a multitude of applications:

  • Facilities management - plant condition monitoring and structural integrity inspection;

  • Product manufacturing - quality control, failure mode analysis;

  • Research and development - power dissipation of assembly, component hot spots, assessment of lifetime reliability and product cooling efficiency;

  • Power generation, transmission and distribution - overheating of switchgear, transformers, bus-bars and overhead power lines and substations;

  • Steel and glass - refractory wear can be determined in furnaces, ladles and torpedo cars;

  • Chemical engineering, petrochemical and plastics - detect tank levels, blockages, missing insulation, motors, pumps and bearings;

  • Construction and civil engineering - integrity of cladding on buildings, faulty construction methods, cold storage units and asphalt surfacing

  • Energy management and thermal surveys - building leaks, air infiltration, missing boiler insulation, blocked pipework and steamtraps.


Thermal imaging camera description and specification

Land Cyclops thermal imaging camera - you can download the Land Cyclops Ti814 Thermal Camera Specifications here as a pdf file


Thermal imaging camera hire

Customers can use the equipment themselves at our Leeds facility. Time on the equipment can be hired by the hour or by the day, and will include training on the use of the equipment where required. The equipment can also be rented and used at the customer’s own premises, in which case it is normally rented a whole day at a time (please note that before equipment can be hired out, evidence of appropriate businesse insurance covering such hire arrangements will be required).

Thermal imaging camera services

Alternatively, samples can be sent to the Electronics Yorkshire Technology Centre along with a clear description of the problem and the investigation needed, and our trained and skilled team will conduct the investigation on your behalf. If there is any uncertainty or if unexpected issues are discovered then the team will involve you by phone. Once the investigation is complete a report will be prepared, usually including images from the thermal imaging camera, which will be sent to you with the returned sample.


Hiring equipment

Call us for a personalised quotation for either time on our equipment or our investigation and report services. Discounts can also be offered for block bookings of equipment time or investigation services.

To arrange to hire equipment at Electronics Yorkshire, call 0800 610 1602 or email:; if you require Electronics Yorkshire to carry out work please contact us to check availability.

Electronics Yorkshire Full Members will receive a 20% discount on equipment use, investigation, analysis and report costs.

Please note that hire of certain equipment within the Technology Centre is in significant demand. As a result, bookings for hire of any piece of equipment will be confirmed back to customers immediately on receipt by e-mail. Any booking which is cancelled 48 hours or less before the date booked will be invoiced in full. Provisional bookings for equipment hire cannot be accepted.


Location and contact details

All our equipment and investigation services are run from our advanced technology centre:

Electronics Yorkshire
Airedale House
Clayton Wood Rise
LS16 6RF


Contact details

For more information call us on 0800 610 1602 or email:


Services offered

Thermal Imaging Camera hire, including:

  • thermal imaging camera
  • hire thermal imaging camera
  • infrared thermal imaging camera
  • rent thermal imaging camera
  • thermal imaging camera hire
  • thermal imaging camera rental