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Cost effective X-ray inspection

Analyse material/component structural problems, assess manufacturing issues - see what’s happening inside

X-Tec X-Ray Investigation ServiceImagine the scenario: finished products are failing, the production line has stopped, but no one is quite sure where the problem lies. Is it a component issue? Are solder joints being correctly formed? Are there voids or cracks in the solder joints or PCB tracks?

This is where X-ray non-destructive testing (X-ray NDT) comes into its own. Using our X-Tek Revolution xray inspection system you can see inside component bodies, follow tracks, look for voids, assess connection 


Component X-ray image - Images of fine detail can be seen with ease

quality, and much more. The first step in resolving any problem is to understand its root cause.

X-ray radiographic inspection can do much more than simply view PCBs and electronic assemblies. Plastic or metal mechanical components can be checked for fractures or faults, and the interior of unusual materials such as rocks or fossils can be probed.

As well as showing a 2D image, the system can construct a full 3D image of a sample using Computer Tomography (CT). Amazing analysis can be done with CT inspection, including subtracting solid material to simply leave  a 3D image of any cracks or fractures.


PCB on X-ray table - views through solder joints and heatsinks

See the equipment X Raying a 555 Timer - here






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Typical applications

The system is designed for 100% BGA (Ball Grid Array), µBGA and CSP (Chip Scale Packaging) inspection, plus multilayer board inspection and PCB solder joint inspection. Many assemblies using BGA, CSP and flip-chip devices simply cannot be visually inspected, so a high resolution xray analysis is the only way to investigate problems.

Investigation applications include:

  • Fractures, cracks and faults in materials and components
  • Component counterfeit detection
  • Dry joints
  • Bridges/shorts
  • Voiding
  • Misplacement and misalignment
  • Incorrect reflow temperature profiles


X-ray equipment description and specification

The state-of-the-art X-Tek [Nikon] Revolution X-ray inspection system can image fine detail in thick and dense samples with a magnification of up to 6000x. Features include:

  • Micron level resolution
  • 300mm x 300mm (12” x 12”) scan area
  • 6000x magnification
  • 75° oblique viewing angle
  • High penetration 160kV X-ray source
  • True concentric imaging
  • True parallel tracking
  • Easy to use software
  • Weight limit of 4Kg


True concentric imaging means you can choose a Region of Interest (ROI) and position it in the centre of the screen. Then, under any combination of rotate, tilt or magnification, the ROI remains locked to the centre of the field of view.

True parallel tracking means that once you have the right combination of tilt and rotate to view a BGA ball you can then run along the row of BGA balls easily checking for failures.


X-ray equipment hire

Customers can use the equipment themselves at our Leeds facility. Time on the equipment can be hired by the hour or by the day, and will include training on the use of the equipment where required.


X-ray investigation services

Alternatively, samples can be sent to the Electronics Yorkshire Technology Centre along with a clear description of the problem and the investigation needed, and our trained and skilled team will conduct the investigation on your behalf. If there is any uncertainty or if unexpected issues are discovered then the team will involve you by phone. Once the investigation is complete a report will be prepared, usually including images from the xray system, which will be sent to you with the returned sample.


Hiring equipment

Call us for a personalised quotation for either time on our equipment or our investigation and report services. Discounts can also be offered for block bookings of equipment time or investigation services.

To arrange to hire equipment at Electronics Yorkshire, call 0800 610 1602 or email: info@electronicsyorkshire.org.uk; if you require Electronics Yorkshire to carry out work please contact us to check availability.

Electronics Yorkshire Full Members will receive a 10% discount on equipment use, investigation, analysis and report costs.

Please note that hire of certain equipment within the Technology Centre is in significant demand. As a result, bookings for hire of any piece of equipment will be confirmed back to customers immediately on receipt by e-mail. Any booking which is cancelled 48 hours or less before the date booked will be invoiced in full. Provisional bookings for equipment hire cannot be accepted.

Location and contact details

All our equipment and investigation services are run from our advanced technology centre:

Electronics Yorkshire
Airedale House
Clayton Wood Rise
LS16 6RF


Contact details

For more information call us on 0113 247 4720 or email: info@electronicsyorkshire.org.uk.


Services offered

PCB inspection, including:

  • pcb inspection equipment
  • pcb inspection microscope
  • pcb x-ray inspection
  • pcb xray inspection
  • printed circuit board inspection
  • printed circuit board pictures


BGA and CSP inspection, including:

  • ball grid array inspection
  • bga inspection
  • bga x ray
  • bga x ray inspection


X-ray inspection, including:

  • radiographic inspection
  • x-ray inspection services
  • x-ray product inspection


X-ray CT tomography, including:

  • x-ray tomography
  • x-ray computed tomography
  • computer tomography inspection
  • ct inspection


Non-destructive (ndt) testing, including:

  • advanced ndt
  • ndt inspection
  • ndt non destructive testing
  • ndt radiography
  • ndt services
  • ndt solutions
  • ndt systems
  • ndt testing
  • ndt x ray
  • non destructive examination
  • non destructive inspection
  • non destructive material testing
  • non destructive testing
  • non destructive testing equipment
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  • non destructive testing services
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